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bugs in turtle tank

Hi this is going to be the same turtle as from unaknights post from 3 months ago about an african sideneck turtle. We finally started to feel like things were settling down with her and that we didn't need to worry about her so much but just tonight we decided to really give her tank a good cleaning and moved everything and vacuumed out all of the crap in her substrates more then we usually do, unfortunately this made me suddenly notice that there were some small bugs in her tank. there are some that look like tiny teeny worms that squiggle on occasion (couldn't get a picture they are just that small) there are some with antennas and little legs that are hanging out on the water and then there are these snail looking things on the glass. I don't know if these are bad for her but she just today started making bubbles with her mouth and nose just a bit more than usual and I saw this weird string that I also posted a picture of (really hard to see but its got a big end and is white) it doesn't seem to be a worm as it just drifts and never moves on its own. Im really frightened and don't know what these things are and if they are a danger to her in anyway. If you need anymore information I would be happy to oblige. Her filter is a 1500 cascade canister filter, she has 2 java ferns which came from a pet store, and she NEVER had bugs like this before, we have had her for about 4 months now and I have looked at her and her water alot and never seen any of these before. are alot of bugs normal? is there something we can get to just kill them all (if they are bad)? whats my best course of action? thank you for any help.
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