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Hi....i have two red eared sliders
they are with me from 6 months
their shell would be 1 to 1 1/2 inch long.
As i am from bombay the average temperature here is 29 degrees C.
I give them direct sunlight in the morning.
They just eat the commercial turtle food available in the market,do they eat anything else?
Do i need to put them under UVA lights?
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You not should only use commercial foods
use Full fish carcass at all time & Vegetables after one year old
Turtle needs a high calcium & Diversity of food
Solar heat is Dangerous Sometimes Because Happening hyperthermia condition in High temperature. (over 35C 36C ... )
I suggest use UVB lamp & heater lamp
Water temperature: 25 26 C & Out of the water: 31 32 C

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i would suggest a UVA/UVB lamp since its nice for them to have it all the time. if by direct sunlight you mean OUTSIDE then it is good for them as the sun gives MUCH more UV than any lamp will. If you have them in front of the window the glass actually diffuses the UV and they get less. it could also increase the temperature of the light which is bad. until they're shell is about 4" stick to commercial foods like turtle pellets. give them a high protein low fat diet until then. once they are about 4" they will need leafy greens, and fruits if youd like. raspberries and strawberries are nice :) variety is the key. also you can get treats for them 2x a week like bloodworms or shrimp :)

as for the size they could just be growing slowly. how big is their tank? can they can FULLY out of the water to bask? they need to be able to get 100% dry while basking to prevent shell rot and other shell diseases. they can grow slow and some get growth spurts where they will get more than one ring in their scutes per year.
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Maybe its something like Hibernation(I think).

because my turtle 1 year ago when it was very young, it was in the water for almost 2 days (it was under a tree bark and it had eyes:whiteish)

Wikipedia says:

Reptiles do not hibernate but actually brumate, becoming less active but occasionally rising for food or water. Brumation can occur in varying degrees. Red-eared sliders brumate over the winter at the bottom of ponds or shallow lakes and they become inactive, generally, in October, when temperatures fall below 50 °F (10 °C). Individuals usually brumate underwater. They have also been found under banks and hollow stumps and rocks. In warmer winter climates they can become active and come to the surface for basking. When the temperature begins to drop again, however, they will quickly return to a brumation state. Sliders will generally come up for food in early March to as late as the end of April. Red-eared sliders kept captive indoors should not hibernate. To prevent attempted hibernation/brumation in an aquarium, lights should be on for 12–14 hours per day and the water temperature should be maintained between 76–80 °F (24–27 °C). Water temperatures must be under 55 °F (13 °C) in order for aquatic turtles to brumate properly.[6]

I'm not sure if the problem related to your turtle is the same here(because it is just a baby)

(if you want help with RES click below)

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Hey everbody i was wandering if anybody new if a mama trtle had her eggs late would they hatch in the spring????
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Turtles can lay fertile and infertile eggs... so it's hard to say. If she actually nested them they are most likely fertile and I wouldn't disturb nature in that sense. In other words, leave the eggs alone if you want them to survive.
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I was given teo red ear sliders today. They are in a small tank. I have a 10 to 15 gallon tank at home. I have cleaned my tank and I have it ready for them to move into. I have read online here that a 10 gallon tank is too small. Well it is all I have for now. What do I do?. I am going to use half of it for them to swim in and the other half of the tank I am going to let them use a basking area. I have the lighting for it. I purchased them turtle pellets for them to eat. But I do not know much about them. Information please..........
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the size of a grown mans palm
about two months
room temerature
about five inches
i dont know
it is a huge, solid, real rock with alot of other rocks around it
repto - min softgel
a while ago (it doesnt like its food)
10 in. x 1 ft. 7.5 in.
yes, she doesnt move alot
her shell is chipped in thefront on both sides but no blood
do not have pictues yet
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hi, i bought a baby sea turtle 5 days ago and till now it hasnt ate a bit, i dont knaw the exact type of the turtle, it is about 4 cm long and has a flat face the pet shop also sold me a box of dryed shrimps but it never ate them i tried som little grain like gold fish food that i had and some fresh lettuce but nothing happened, when i put the turtle inside the water in the bowl it rushes back to the stone that i have placed inside the bowl and stays there all day long, i changed the water several times and still nothing... what should i do now??? note: you can see the photo of my turtle in my profile pic

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Please read the Turtle Care section of this website.

Parker's Mom
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