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Need advice


I hope this is the right place to ask questions...

I have one slider and she is approx 6-7 inches. She is three yrs old. She shares her 55 gallon tank with 7 large goldfish. They are doing fine together and seem to get along.

My problem is my fluval filter. 306 model. It went out and the company's customer service is just horrible, but that's another story.

Because of the water flow I bought a new canister today. I won't have it for a week. I bought a sun sun 704B.

In fact this is a list of what I purchased today..
  • SunSun HW-704B
  • 24 Ounce Premium Laboratory Grade Super Activated Carbon
  • Eheim 6664 Prefilter (it fits sun sun tubing)
  • Matrix, 2 L / 67.6 oz.
  • 200 bio balls by Siam
  • A large roll of pink floss
  • Two circulation pumps. 800 GPH each
  • Six moss balls
  • one Amazon sword plant
  • a small bunch of waterweed

I probably went a little overboard, but after the terrible experience with the Fluval and company policies, I wanted to make sure I have everything. The 704b does not come with any filter media and it has four trays.

It was hard to find out in searching online exactly what I need and I'm still not sure.

I think from the bottom up this is the order... Is this right or wrong?
  1. pink floss
  2. charcoal with more floss underneath it
  3. the balls
  4. Matrix on top

is that correct or do i need something else?

I bought the circulation pumps to put on one end of the tank toward the bottom to move "debris" toward the intake.. And the prefilter hopefully to keep me from having to clean my tank so often.. I want to catch thing before they even get to my 704b.

One thing that led me to purchase the sun sun 704B is that if it goes out after the warranty expires, I can buy a new motor head for 40 bucks on Amazon. I think that's just pretty awesome!

Anyway, I await some response. I have had her for approx a year and a half. She was a birthday present for my grandson on his tenth birthday and she was about 1" at that time. And until I got her she lived in a little 10 gallon tank with no UVA or UVB lights. After I got her I started researching and discovered the needs of the a red sliders..

Since I have had her, she has approx 45-50 gallons of water to swim in and she loves it. She has a uva/uvb/infra-red combo light that she loves to bask under. She "had" a turtle topper but wouldn't use it, so I got her some other model that she has outgrown but still uses. I want to make her a natural one out of driftwood that is about 10" wide.

This is my second try at plants at well. I bought duckweed once and it clogged my filters up, so I am trying something else for her and the fish for their salads.

Anyway it late at night here (or early morning) and I've been amazoning and just needed a little advice my pending setup...

My main concern are my four filtration trays and putting the right stuff in the correct order for optimum results in keeping her tank and water crystal clear. And also, do I need anything else for my turtle to keep a clear tank? Do I need different bio material.

If I left something out please speak up. I have had bad experiences with filters due to my inexperience. I started out with two over the side filter because I did not know any better and now I've actually purchased my second canister.

Cheers and thanks in advance, Jenn

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Sounds like you are doing some homework , great ! First no filter really removes all solid waste so it must be removed. For any filter to work correctly you must cycle the water. Google , there are several ways to achieve this. Then keep a cycle going even after water changes. That's where one must find the correct percentage to the volume of water to keep the nitrifying bacteria alive. I have been doing this over 5 decades and cycling the water will help reduce filter maintenance. But you still need to do proper water changes to remove the nitrates. A cycle will convert the ammonia to nitrites to nitrates for save removal by water changes. A well kept cycle will make a filter work better removing the "dissolved" waste keeping the tank cleaner. Fluval smaller filters are just ok...when you get into there "FX series" those are great for turtles. The SunSun 704-b is ok too for turtles in your 50 gallons water but I would like a filter that has more media room. I have an FX6 and only use the white pre filter media with all bio rings in all the trays , this works for my 125 gallon tank for Piggley. This keeps my tank cycled all the time. Long time turtle keepers found cycling works the best to keep it more natural. Also your water will be crystal clear if you can maintain a proper cycle. No chemicals needed .
If you go to YouTube and type in Piggley you can find a few videos of Piggley's tank. You can decide if cycling works.

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Just saw you other post. Do you still have the seven goldfish with your turtle in the 55 gallon tank ? That's a very big bio load. As you know turtles are very messy and the goldfish are the messiest when it comes to fish. Also they are very fatty for a turtle as a food source. I keep my goldfish in another 150 gallon stock tank . I have gone Rosy Reds less fatty and only once a week. Turtles our size should be on 70% veggies with protein maybe twice a week .
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I am fixing to look for Piggley in youtube. The only reason I did not buy the FX6 was because of my bad experience with the 306. I was afraid to spend that much money and have the same experience with customer service and my warranty if something went wrong. I was also afraid of the water flow issue. I bought the 306 last April and the water flow is so slow that it filters nearly nothing. I was having to take it apart and wash the sponges every week. The flow was horrible. I'm not sure what "cycling" is. I'll check in to that too. I'm hoping you have something on that in your videos.

Yes I still have the seven goldfish. "Brownie" doesn't seem to mess with them. They all just swim around together. When I first bought them they were little. They are about 3-4" long now. The turtle eats veggie disks with a couple crickets a week.

I agree on the goldfish mess. I have them in a small tank in my kitchen right now because all the new aquarium stuff is to be delivered today, I did not realize they pooped so much until they were in a separate tank. The goldfish have been with her for quite a few months. Maybe that is why I am having so much trouble keeping her aquarium clean.

Thank you so much for the input.. I do plan on buying a second canister in the future because I want a back up plan. I am just not sure which one.

Not I'm off to look at your tank. I'll be back. I'm sure I'll have some questions.. Thanks again.
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Okay, I am watching Piggley swim. I LOVE his tank. It's beautiful and the water is so nice and clean.. I had taken all the rocks out of my aquarium because of waste issues.. Should I take the goldfish out?

Heading back to your videos now.. Also definitely want one of those hand held temps guages..
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okay, when I first upgraded her tank, I bought a large 100 gallon stock tank. I ended up taking it back to the store. I know I will have to upgrade one day and I am going to revisit that idea. The water looks pristine.

I love the rocks in your tank. I took mine out due to waste.. I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks so much!
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A FX series filter will the last filter you ever need and has more media room than most any other filter. Oh , filters are sold with media for fish one must adjust for a "turtle" as I mentioned on another post.

Store's push finer pads (cost more , good for them not you) to get water cleaner "Problem" they don't tell you they clog up very fast.

A turtle ( 6-7" ) should be on veggies every day and protein pellets every other day. Pellets in one feeding should be from 1/2 to the head size amount not including it's neck. Under feeding a turtle a little is not harmful BUT over feeding can and will cause all kind of health and shell problems.

7 goldfish that size in any tank under 100 gallons will create too much a bio load and lots of maintenance with your turtle's size !

Read up on cycling it's the way to go !!! And you can keep a turtle in the tank as you do it because they breath like us. But no fish it will stress them out and hurt them. There is a way to do a fish cycle but only use cheap trash fish not any good fish. Do some homework on cycling and we can talk about it in the future , sorry no video on it , to do it correctly it takes several weeks. I'm to old for that kind of editing /video...
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PS: here's an easy read on cycling , there are many , read as much as you can, will make it easier.

Tips for Cycling Your New Aquarium - The First Tank Guide - Getting Your Fish Tank Up and Running with Minimal Headaches

Yes say's for fish but for turtle too. Cycling is cycling.
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Thanks so much!! Goldfish were donated to a lady who has a fish place for public viewing. She was very happy to have them! I am still having a hard time believing how much cleaner my tank is. I have been struggling all this time. I feel guilty for having them.

Brownie now lives alone. I have her in the kitchen with me while the bath and bedroom are being redone by some contractors. I couldn't move my tank so I have her on my quilting table in a very large rubbermaid clear bin. I think she actually likes it. It has natural lighting..

Thanks for all the tips. We have decided to get a tank similar to yours. It is so much easier than a large deep aquarium that is difficult to reach the bottom. I am a believer that wide is better than deep for turtles.

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Glad to see things going better. Just as a note: some people say place turtle in a room with less traffic. This is true when a 1-3" baby. Myself I found turtle's when older as yours loves to be in a room with more to see. Piggley is in the living room and loves it , that's your call.

Be careful thinking by a window (natural) light is good. Only the UVA (heat) penetrates the glass , the beneficial "UVB" light can "Not" it is blocked ! Now older turtles as your's will not need as much UVB than a baby turtle that's growing very fast but still needs it for other things as digestion. So if one goes with no UVB bulb you must take the turtle outside in the sun on a regular schedule. That gets old fast especially in winter for you and her. Use a UVB and a 5.0 UVB is ok for an adult .

Don't look for stock tanks at LPS or nurseries cost way to much. Use several price trackers look at tractor stores , farm supplies etc... Much cheaper and sometimes offer free shipping as I got. Make sure it's a pre formed fiber tank ( will last decades) not those cheap flimsy plastic one from an home improvement store .

Good luck , to Brownie and you !

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