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Water change question.

I have a question about how soon I should put my turtles back in the tank after doing water changes. Quick rundown of my routine I do. I use a vacuum when I do water changes. This does both cleaning and emptying water. I do about a 50% change once a week. I refill the tank using sink water. I treat the water immediately after refilling using Tetrafauna AquaSafe water conditioner. This stuff treats the water for chlorine and chloramines. The bottle says it works in seconds. I've been putting my turtles back in the tank right after treating the water. Is this ok? If not then does anyone think that my turtles health could have already been affected from doing it for so long? If this is not good practice, then how soon should the turtles be put back in the water. Here's a video of my setup.

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I would wait 10-15 min befor putting them back in because u need to let the treatment filter through the system. I don't think it has effected your turtles badly I would just wait a few min befor putting them in. Youve got a cool set up! Check out mine ( I'm upgrading to a 60) the link is below!
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