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Feeding a musk turtle

Hi i have read through all other feeding posts to get alot of info but thought i would ask my specific questions regarding my musk turtle.

I was wondering what other musk turtle owners feed theirs?

Can you tell me the diet plan you use, how many times a day, what quantity of each food type each feed, also what you feed at which time.

Do you have any days where you dont feed at all?

my turtle is around 4 to 6 months old. This is what food mine will eat: bloodworm live and frozen, reptomin sticks and frozen lance fish.

I would like to try live fish not sure which type is the best, frozen prawns or shrimp and mealworms.

Are the mealworms you can buy for birds the same type that a turtle can eat?? they are like freeze dried.
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DIET. Be careful not to overfeed your musk. I recommend only feeding 2 to 3 times a week for adult turtles and every day or every other day for the rapidly growing hatchlings. Musk turtles are highly carnivorous: crayfish, snails, insects and worms may make up a large part of their diet. Some vegetable matter such as duckweed is also taken. Many of the commercially prepared turtle diets that exist on the market today are excellent Musk turtle food. As most prepared foods float it may take a while for the turtle to recognize these as food because they forage on the bottom. Allow the food to sink and remain on the bottom for a time prior to cleaning because of this foraging adaptation.

Additional calcium supplementation is essential. Powdered calcium can be sprinkled all foods. It is suggested that one use calcium supplemented with vitamin D3 if the animal is being maintained indoors and calcium without D3 if it is outdoors. Provision of a cuttlefish bone, which can be gnawed if desired, is also recommended. Addition of multivitamins if a commercially prepared turtle diet and/or live fish are NOT used is essential for proper fat metabolism. The freezing process for fish destroys the vitamin E which is an important component for maintaining a healthy Musk turtle.
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Thanks for the info. so what do youi eed yours and when?? whats the menu for the week??
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