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Question turtle thirty gallon companions?

hello there i have a 37 gallon tank with a small baby painted turtle! it is full of water and two of those floating docks attached, there are lights a heater and a filter ,plus it is decorated. the turtle is rather lonely and i was wondering what would fit with him. like a African clawed frog, or another turtle , or fish .. i kinda want a predatory tank because of my unlimited supply of live bearers that breed like nuts in a pond.... and suggestions?

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try not to put that much water cause his shell well be soft and he will get sick and propobly die after
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I wouldnt get another turtle unless you are planning on upgrading to a bigger tank. Painted turtles can grow pretty big up to around 12" which will outgrow your 37 gallon in no time.
A frog would be a bad choice as they would end up in the turtles belly within 10 mins !

Fish are also on a turtles diet however i have had luck with certain fish mainly predator fish which are fast swimmers. I have kept Green Sunfish & Bluegil with my turtle for the last 2 years nad have yet to have a casualty. These fish can be caught pretty much anywhere in the U.S . I have a 180 gallon tank in which i keep a RES with a Bass and with the fish being bigger than the turtle he doesnt even bother it.

I have heard of turtle owners having good luck with Pleco's and Catfish due to there armoured body's the turtle wont bother them. Whatever you decide to put with your turtle just realise that in a week, a year or maybe 5 years later that you may just wake up to a missing fish. Your turtle given the chance will eat anything that moves.
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Red face Baby painted

I have a baby painted turtle and have put him in a 29 gallon tank and filled it not quite 2/3 full. But because I have not filled it full I have a waterfall that flows down and it loud but very cool. I got him on July 4 and he was a was the size of a half dollar and now he is maybe 3 inches. How fast do they grow? My little guy is so cute. He comes up to the top so I can rub his head. He is the coolest pet ever. I'm wondering if he will stay tame as he grows? Also does he need a friend. I have a few little gold fish and plan to get one of those cleaning fish. How big will he get before he starts eating the fish?
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some fish larger than him would work out also
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turtle frogs tank

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