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Post Help!!!! When and what do i feed my turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Im gunna get two red eared slidersand Im not so sure what to feed him or the right way ,

1. how many times a day and how much should i feed the turtles?
2. If I feed the turtles pellets , how many should i give them?
3.Any brands you reccomend????
4.any brands you would recomend??? 5.What vegtables can I feed them?
6.When do I feed them vegtables.
7.Can I feed them crickets when the crickets are alive?
With Love ,Aileen
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get a basic pellet that acts as a staple ...tetra min ,omega one, or any other reputable brand..that can act as a daily staple..i liike to feed that once a day..i try to have greens always available or at least once a day..colard greens ,green or red leaf lettuce,kale,dandylion greens, cilantro,parsley,ect,...if they are young then give them a higher protien diet ...give them more insects and the like...as they get older you can give them insects and crustaceans more spareingly..once to twice a week...as for treats i like to givr them pugred earth worms or snails,tadpoles, watermelon,banana, good stuff...i love my herps so maybe i will post some of mine i have a breeding pair of red ears myself...good luck...ADIOS....
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I advice to concentrate on feeding your pet with natural products that contain sufficient amount of minerals like vitamin D3, calcium, and phosphorous. Although turtles get enough phosphorous from what they eat, more often than not their intake of calcium is lacking, which means you have to focus on giving your pet with calcium-rich food sources such as egg shells that are boiled and crushed, cuttlebone, and crushed oyster shells.But not too much on protein, it can negatively affect the kidney of your pet turtle.
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Old 05-26-2011, 08:52 AM   #4
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my turtle eats diced mango,chopped spinach,shrimp,and worms.
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Hi turtleguidebook

Do you have any info on feeding eastern painted turtles? I found mine last Friday and his does not want to eat! I know he is in a new enviroment. I took him to vet. he seems fine but just wont eat. I gave him pellets, minos, worms, romaine lettuce and carrots and he wont even go near them! I was told its a male and about 2yrs old. ???
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i know from exp on finding sliders that are a tad old have a hard time getting used to a new area and have just unfortantly starved to death. :/
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What kind of turtle so you have? Mango huh...wow :)
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Only eating dried shrimp

My turtle ate finally but he has only eaten dried shrimp which is suppose to be a treat only. He has minos in tank and doesnt even look at them! I just went to pet store again and got some veggies mixed with other food that comes in frozen cubes....will try to feed that to him today. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS????

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Check out my video on how to feed your turtle At http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpWNS...feature=colike
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And for my NEW tank go to

For my how to make homemade turtle food video click on link below
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how often can you feed a turtle frozen prawns and freeze dried mealworms?anyone know??
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