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my 'single' turtle laid 2 eggs

I have a mud turtle that i found about 2.5-3 months ago. I keep him in a huge plastic bin with sand and lots of water. Today, there were 2 eggs in the bin, one in the plastic sand pit and one in the water. My husband and I had to wash out his bin (or I guess "her" bin) so we moved the eggs together into the sand pit. I know absolutely nothing about turtles and eggs and was actually getting ready to release my turtle because I want him to be happy and such.
Could my turtle have laid eggs without help of another turtle? I mean, he hasn't been in contact with any other turtles for as long as I have had him. And, should I release him and get rid of the eggs or should I just leave them alone? What chance to the eggs have of hatching? Any help would be appreciated.

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since youve only had the turtle for a couple months it the eggs could possible be fertile. but female turtles do lay eggs without a male, they are just empty.

if ur going to release her i would destroy the eggs.. and before anything develops if they are fertile.
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If they have been moved chances are the embryos are now dead. Not that big of a deal, just release her. Female turtles can lay 4 or more years after having contact with a single male.
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I know with Red Ear Sliders, females sometimes becomes gravid with infertile eggs even without contact with a male. this can pose a potential health problem called "egg binding" where the female can't find a nesting site for her eggs and so they remain and bind inside of her.

For a Red Ear, this is dealt with my creating a nesting site (can be a box with 6-12 inches deep of soil, depending on her size) and letting her spend some time in it each day until she lays.

I don't know if it's the same with muds or not...
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just sell her to a pet store she wont survive out in the wild. chances are she's been living with people all her life and she doesnt know whats required for the hard life
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there are some organizations that accept turtles like rescue centers do a quick search on google or bing and look for some in your area they would probably take better care of him/her than a pet store, as far as the eggs they may be fertile they may not be see if a rescue center will take them if you want, also you might have some luck posting an add on craigslist and just sell her/him or give him/her away i see many adds on craigslist in the past where that's worked
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